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At digiTAL we understand that growing your business can be demanding and that you do not always have access to the right talent to support you. Hiring part-time or full-time staff in country may be too cost-intensive. We are here to help you better manage your business in a way that fits your needs and helps your business prosper.

Our team is dedicated to helping you organize your administrative tasks, reach more clients and build your brand. Our focus is on providing high quality virtual assistance services, lead generation, social media marketing, web and mobile app development and graphic design.

Our projects are always built around your needs. All communication with our team is streamlined through the project’s dedicated manager, saving you the time and effort of having to communicate with many individuals. Project managers are committed to delivering the highest quality services.

Reach out to us today to get a personalized quote for any and all of your digital needs.

Local commitment

The trickle effect of our work is felt in communities across Lebanon as our consultants’ purchasing power grows. We also commit to sourcing all our supplies and services from local businesses, and especially SMEs.

Win-win solution

Our unique model allows the Lebanese diaspora to directly benefit from our services while also supporting communities in their beloved Lebanon.

Social impact

Our innovative model means that Lebanese can earn decent wages at a time when few new jobs are being created and from anywhere in the country, including remote villages.

Language competencies

Our consultants are native Arabic speakers, and either English or French educated from a young age to university level. Project managers are native English speakers.

Competitive rates

Since the average wages in Lebanon are nearly 27% lower than in GCC and 55% lower than developed countries, we can offer our clients and consultants decent rates and wages simultaneously.

Diverse skill set

Long gone are the days when you need to hire many individuals for various remote projects. Our team offers a diverse set of skills that fulfill just about every remote job requirement.

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