A digital agency and social enterprise with a full remote business model creating job opportunities, supporting communities, and giving back

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Customized digital services that meet your business needs - all at competitive pricing

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What We Do?
Enhance your digital media presence and give the Lebanese youth a second chance.

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Virtual Assistance

Why we exist?

We are the missing link between the impressive young and talented Lebanese and the international market where their skills can be fully harnessed and are in demand. digiTAL works to close that gap so organizations across the public, private and NGO sectors can benefit from high-quality digital services at competitive rates. At the same time, young people across Lebanon have access to new employment opportunities.

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Meet the CEO

Humanitarian turned social entrepreneur, global citizen, and leader, Deanielle is a social development professional using her passion and personal mission to empower youth in her local community.  

Deanielle strongly believes that the private sector can play a key role in sustainable socio-economic development and that is why she is adamant about using her experience in the UN and public sector, international network, and vision to connect youth in Lebanon to job opportunities abroad. 

The youth working with digiTAL are more than just freelancers, but part of a growing family committed to supporting young people’s professional development and rural communities across Lebanon.


We Give Back!

We are also a social enterprise that empowers communities in rural areas and vulnerable families in Lebanon.

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