Wissam Bshara

Obviously living in Lebanon requires more than one job, especially in our recent days, our national currency has lost its value, and then came the COVID-19 pandemic which forced us to stay home. DigiTAL was the small window to fulfill our needs to work remotely and get paid while staying at home. The best things about working at digiTAL are the teamwork I experience even virtually, the relationships I have developed, and the fact that digiTAL really cares about paying the freelancers on time. The best part of my job is being able to work with people at all levels and in all domains.


Lebanon has suffered from an economic crisis for years now, and with the spread of the pandemic finding a job is almost impossible. Having the chance to work with digiTal, safely from home, and on an international level is an amazing opportunity, and a beneficial step for my career as a graphic designer.


I started working with digiTAL when I was depressed about not even getting a chance to be interviewed by any employer. Here in Lebanon the youth suffer from unemployment for many reasons not related to our competencies or skills. digiTAL helped me make my own money for the first time. Working remotely is very comfortable. I am able to take care of many things and support my family financially. And even if I got a regular job, I would continue working for both of them because remote work is very flexible.


I’m really glad to have this special opportunity to work as a freelancer for digiTAL. I can’t be more thankful not only because they helped me develop my skills in data entry and online research, but also because they supported me as a Lebanese unemployed university graduate. digiTAL gave me the opportunity to be productive during this difficult national economic and political situation and to work from home during the times of roadblocks and the pandemic.


I first started with digiTAL when I had just given up on getting a job because of all the factors we live with here in Lebanon. At first, I was hesitant to work remotely as it was a new concept for me. But it was very easy and smooth the moment I started working. I was generating money without doing any hard physical effort or going to an office every day. I really enjoy remote work and think we all should consider working remotely especially after the pandemic.