CEO of

“Deanielle and digiTAL have done two excellent projects for us. They use good judgment to find and assemble just the information we need. They help us make effective decisions about data that might be borderline. We are very happy with their work and their integrity.”

Project Manager at

“Deanielle and digiTAL have been great to work with. They always complete tasks on time and have been very communicative. Deanielle takes the initiative to ask for feedback and constructive criticism. We will continue working with digiTAL in the future.”

Sutha Parath

“It was very pleasant working with the digiTAL team! It’s a group of very talented people from data entry services to web design. They’ve become my go to when it comes to data entry, as the work is always completed with 100% accuracy, as the work gets done by one person, and another person does a double check to ensure accuracy.